Poker Sites Accepting POLi – Alternative Casino Banking

POLi is an instant and secure payment option that is available throughout Australia and is used on a host of websites. It allows you to quickly and effortlessly move money from your bank to a merchant without any security risks and without needing to give that merchant all of your sensitive data.

In some ways POLi is like a bank transfer, but it’s faster, smoother and requires considerably less hassle. It’s also cheaper, as we shall discover when we look at the pros and cons of using POLi to gamble on online poker sites.

How to Use POLi

It is very easy to use POLi. The first step is to select the POLi option on the “Cashier” screen. Once you do that then you will be taken to a login screen where you will need to find and select your bank and then input your bank account details. Once you submit those details there will be a short wait followed by a confirmation that the payment has gone through. You will get your receipt, you will be sent back to the merchant, and from there you’re good to go.

If you are playing in Canadian Dollars then you should have the money in your account ready for you. If they are being converted to another currency then you may have to cover an additional charge, but this will be calculated and paid at the time you make the transaction.

Pros of Using POLi to Gamble

There are many reasons why you should use POLi, and we’re going to take a close look at those reasons now.

  • Fees: POLi is free. It is one of the few major payment options that will not cost you anything either when you are making a deposit or when you are initiating a withdrawal. Some unscrupulous retailers have been known to charge for transactions, but as they will not incur a fee they shouldn’t be charging one and you should be very cautious about doing business with them if they do.
  • Secure: POLi is very secure as they use the latest encryption technology to ensure that all transactions are safe at all times. This includes not capturing sensitive data so that it cannot be stolen in the unlikely event that the transaction is hijacked.
  • Accessible: POLi is available throughout Australia and has also expanded into New Zealand. If you have a bank account in either of these countries then you can make a payment using POLi. There are a huge number of merchants in these two countries that accept POLi, and it is also starting to be picked up by a host of top casinos, sports books and poker rooms.
  • Fast: You can make deposits very quickly, with the money showing in your account straight away. There are very few issues and should be no prolonged waits. It also acts as an age verification method of sorts and will not attract as many issues as paying with PayPal, Skrill or Neteller would.
  • Alternative to Cards: POLi can be used in lieu of credit cards and debit cards. It is often considered to be an alternative to credit cards, with cheaper transactions and just as much security, but in actual fact it’s much more than that. It means you only need a bank account and you’re good to make payments across the country. 

Cons of Using POLi to Gamble

It’s not easy finding reasons why you shouldn’t use POLi so we feel like we’re nitpicking a little here, but for the sake of balance it’s worth pointing out the ways in which other payment options may be better suited for your needs.

  • Compatibility: POLi does not work with all operating systems or all web browsers. This is a rare issue with banking options and it is usually something you will only encounter with poker or casino software, but the good news is that POLi is compatible with a large range of platforms and browsers. Issues are rare, but if you’re using Linux or Unix and you don’t have a popular web browser there is a good chance you won’t be able to use POLi.
  • Support: POLi have good customer support at times, but at other times there is a lot of passing the buck. The last time we had an issue with the service we were immediately told to contact the merchant, even before we had been given a chance to discuss our issue. We took their advice, we contacted the merchant, and we were then told to contact POLi. By the time the issue was resolved we had gone back-and-forth several more times and were very frustrated with the whole ordeal. Such issues are rare, but worth keeping in mind nonetheless.
  • Limited Reach: The fact that POLi is only available in Australia and New Zealand is not a huge issue. It’s a great service that is localized because and no one is really complaining about that, but we did say we would have to nitpick! The truth is, it would be great to see POLi expand a little further afield. We’re sure many other customers would relish the chance of using it and that Australians who have moved abroad or are travelling abroad also like the option. Maybe that will happen in the future, maybe not.

What Poker Sites Accept POLi?

This is an Australian only payment method, as mentioned above, so there are few European and American based sites willing to offer it. However, some of the bigger ones understand how important it is to cater for the Australian gambling market (we are officially the biggest gamblers in the world) and they are offering POLi as a deposit option.

The best poker site currently offering POLi can be found at the top of this guide. Just click the name in the graphic to be taken to a signup page. Once you register and then deposit using POLi you will be added to their loyalty scheme and will also be able to take advantage of whatever welcome bonus they are offering at that moment.

There are a number of other payment options accepted as well, including a host of options that are accessible to Australian players, but POLi is the standout one.