Online Poker Rules

Poker is one of the most interesting games of chance. If you have never played it, you should definitely try it, because unlike other card games, it requires not only luck, but also a certain skill. Anyone can learn to play poker these days.

Table Poker

Common Traits of Most Poker Rules

All variants of the game have several common features: combinations of cards, the presence of rounds, etc. And once you learn the rules of Hold’em, which is the most popular poker game, later you can easily understand the other disciplines as well.

Poker is a table game that can be played by 2 to 10 people. There are several variations of the game, such as: “Texas Hold’em”, “Omaha”, “Razz”, “Chinese”, etc.

All of them, regardless of the name, have common features. First of all, the level of bets is determined, then the cards are dealt.

The Value of Poker Hands

Determining the range of hands in poker is a crucial skill that you need to constantly improve. You should always try to “read” the play of your opponents and guess their starting combinations. You should also analyze even if you are already out of a hand.


The behavior of the players at the card table is made up of the words and actions that players do during the game.


The player says this word when he does not want to bet first. If all players refuse to bet first, then either a replay takes place or the next betting interval begins.


Fold (or Pass). The player says this word when he does not want to make another bet. In this case, the player discards all his cards and loses the right to continue the game and can not claim to win. The dealer puts the closed cards in a separate stack. You should do this if you have blatantly weak pocket cards.


The player says this word when he makes the first bet in any of the betting intervals. The player should open the game only if he is sure that his cards are stronger than those of other players. Bluffs are allowed.


This word a player says when he makes a bet larger in value than the bet made by the previous player. Increasing the bet relative to the maximum at the table. This is usually done in multiples of the big blind.


The player says this word when he makes a bet equal in value to the bet of the previous player. You have to make a bet that is equal to the maximum bet at the table at the moment.

Check and raise in poker

Betting Rounds

Poker consists of several main stages, each of which ends with a round of bets from the players:


Means when players have each received two pocket cards and place their first bets.


When three cards common to all on the table + the subsequent trade.


Tells us that the fourth open card is placed on the table.


This means that the last fifth card is placed on the table, after the final bets the players open the cards (Showdown happens).


The final phase of any poker hand, when the remaining players in the game reveal their cards and the winner is determined. The winning player is the one who managed to put together the strongest combination.

All-in – a player puts his entire stack on the line to get to the showdown. The All-in may not cover the amount of the last raise. Then the player on the showdown claims only a portion of the pot, proportional to the amount of investment made.

Blinds and Ante Bets

Ante – this is the initial bet, which is set between all players before the cards are dealt.

Blind – this is a bet made by a blind player before or immediately after the cards are dealt. A bet is made only by the player who starts the deal of cards.

The Small Blind and Big Blind are small and big blind bets. Usually, the Small Blind is equal to half the Big Blind.

Bet – This is the name of the very first bet in the betting interval.

No-limit Betting

No-limit – you can bet any amount without limit


Pot-limit – you can bet a limited amount.

Poker chips

Table Stakes

Table Stakes is a rule that says that the amount of money a person has in a game is limited to the amount on the table.

This means that gamblers cannot put additional money on the table-just as they cannot take and remove some of their chips from the table.

This rule is used to limit the amount of money that gamblers can lose, as well as to level the table and prevent players with a large bankroll from constantly putting pressure on others with big bets.

Features of the Rules of Different Poker Types

There are variation types of poker games, they all have their own special rules, but nevertheless there are similarities between them as well. Below we will discuss the main types of poker that players around the world most often play.

How to Play Texas Hold'Em

Texas poker (Hold’em) is the most popular and easiest version of the game of poker.

Players are dealt two cards each, and five communal cards are laid out on the table. Players can make a five-card combination of their one or two cards along with the community cards, or not use their cards at all.

The game consists of four rounds, which moves clockwise around the table and begins with a position near the dealer’s chip, which moves one step clockwise after each deal

If two or more players have the same combination, the pot is divided between them. If there is an odd numbered chip in the pot, it will go to the player with the higher ranked cards.

Before the game starts, two players to the left of the Dealer place Blind Bets, which are called Blind Bets because the players can’t see the cards. Blinds are placed to ensure the necessary amount of money is in the pot when the game starts.

How to Play Seven-Card Stud

The distribution of cards in this game is seven cards – three closed, four open. Combinations are made according to the classic rules and use five cards.

Seven Card Stud is mainly played with limited stakes, but closed games can be other varieties, including no limit.

Seven card poker


There are no common cards for several players in a pack, but it’s still worth keeping an eye on your opponents: the open ones might have the outs you need, and observation in general will allow you to assess your chances to make the strongest combination more accurately.


This is the name of the mandatory bet for all before the start of playing. Traditionally, it is 10% of the BB. If you’re playing online, the ante is placed automatically, but offline, the hand will start after all bidders have done so.

How the Hand Goes

The game starts immediately on the third street. Everyone has three cards in their hands – two closed, one laid out on the table open. The first to start bidding is the one whose hole card is the least important. For example, in a $10/$20 game you must bid $10. Then, clockwise, the other participants in the deal come in.

In case of a tie, the order of turn is determined by the value of the suit: spades are the strongest, followed by hearts, diamonds and clubs.

On the fourth street the first word belongs to the player who has the strongest combination in the open cards. He has the right to skip his turn or make a small bet. Then the bidding continues clockwise.

On the fifth street, everyone is dealt another open card. The first to make a move is the one whose open combination is more valuable than the others. Now until the end of the hand, all bets are equal to the BB. For example, on a $10/$20 limit, you must bet $20.

On the sixth street, everything is repeated. Everyone receives the last card in a closed form.


The first one to show up is the one who was the last to raise. He is followed by the players sitting clockwise. If the value of the hands shown is equal, the pot is divided equally between the contestants.

Available Actions

Except for the Bring-in, actions in the game are similar to all other poker variations:

  • Fold – A player ends his participation in a deal.
  • Check – Passing a turn to another player in a clockwise direction.
  • Bet – Betting (Large or Small).
  • Call: An equalization of your opponent’s Bet.
  • Raise: An increase in the opponent’s Bet.

Basic Strategy

If this is the first time you open the stud poker tab in your client, you should be very careful and choose a wait-and-see strategy. Although the online limit format is the most popular, you can lose money in it just as slowly as in no limit Hold’em.

Here’s what to pay attention to at the table:

  • The selection of good starting hands here is much stronger than in Hold’em or Omaha, depending on position.
  • The value of draws (open combinations) is higher in stud poker than in Hold’em.
  • A good memory is essential when playing with several opponents: it is important to remember the outs of opponents who have already passed.
  • Although, unlike no limit hold’em, you can’t lose your entire stack in a single hand, don’t waste chips or use the “pot odds” concept the way you do in hold’em.
  • Observe your opponents to get a better idea of their hand ranges on different streets and gain an advantage.

Game Features

  • Even if several players start the game with the same open card, there will always be one player who bets first.
  • One deck may not be enough. There are situations where all players reach the last street of the betting and the 52 cards in the deck may not be enough. In this case, the last card is dealt as one card shared by all players.

Game types

There are several types of the poker discipline:

  • High Low Stud. Here the Pot is split in half – the player with the strongest hand and the one whose hand (from deuce to eight) is the weakest.
  • Razz, where the winner must collect the weakest hand, not counting the flush and straight. The only exception is a straight from an ace doesn’t count, so the strongest hand in the showdown is A-2-3-4-5.

How to Play Omaha Poker

Omaha is a game quite close to Texas Hold ’em. This is the second most popular game after Texas Hold ’em; its features and rules need to be known.

As for Omaha poker rounds, they are equal to Texas Hold ’em. This poker’s goal is a classic combination of 5 cards, identical to Texas Hold ’em combinations.

The difference between Omaha and Hold ’em is that the rules of poker Omaha are that the player receives four pocket cards, not two, by analogy with Hold ’em.

At the same time, the combination can consist of two cards in hand and three cards lying on the table. If there are four cards of the same suit on the table, and the player is holding one more of the same suit, it is impossible to make a “flush” combination, as in Hold ’em. The combination must be exactly two of the four cards in the player’s hand and any three cards on the table.

Differents Between Video Poker and Traditional Poker

Let’s look at the differences between traditional poker and video poker.

Traditional poker is a game between players. That means you’ll be playing against players just like you, even if it’s online poker. Video poker, on the other hand, is a slot machine game that you will be playing in an online casino and against an online casino, not other players.

If you play poker online, the game is played in a poker room and video poker is played in an online casino. These two games have many more differences, but these, the most fundamental. Generally speaking, it’s easier to say that traditional poker or online poker and video poker are completely different games that have little in common with each other.

It is impossible to lose more than you “gave” to the machine – and this is a significant difference from traditional poker, in which the player, literally, can take off the “last shirt”.

In real poker, a player’s full house can be beaten by a straight flush, knocking the ground out from under him.

What Makes Video Poker Special?

In order to play pocker, you need to learn the basic strategy of the game and enjoy the process. This is a great way to relax and win solid amounts of money.

The player gets to play at a comfortable for him, the pace, without adjusting to anyone. There are no other players, so nothing prevents him from fully concentrate on the game, without the distraction of external factors.

There is no need to bluff and cheat, and all sorts of “acting” abilities.

In video poker, there are no such things as raises, checks or bluffs.

Each “hand” has its own fixed value.

Video poker can be played at any time of day, there is no need to adjust to the opponents and wait for a convenient time for the match.

There is no need to try to figure out your opponent’s strategy, because the duel is not with real people, but with the paytable.

In video poker, of great importance is the flush royal, which can be called not just the best “hand”, but a real “goldmine” for the player due to the fact that here there is a jackpot.

If a player has a good “hand”, he will never lose and will definitely get his winnings by collecting a certain combination.

Video Poker Rules

The aim of the video poker game is to collect one of the paid poker combinations. Any combination stipulated by the rules is guaranteed to win.

Object of the Game

The video poker machine resembles a slot machine. At the top of the machine there is a table of winning combinations and their payouts. In the central part there is a screen, which shows the player’s cards.

Below are usually three indicators: the amount in the player’s account (Credit), the amount of the last bet (Win) and the current bet (Bet). With the switch “Bet One” the player increases the bet by one coin. Button “Bet Max” is the maximum bet and start the game.

Reaching the maximum bet by pressing “Bet One”, the next press rate returns to the original.

Having made the bet, the player presses the button “Deal” and receives the cards – five cards from 52 sheets. Pressing the “Hold” keys or simply tapping a card in the case of touch screen displays holds the cards not to be exchanged. Then the player presses “Deal” again and the machine exchanges the cards that are not fixed.

Winning Hands

Many video poker and offline machines allow you to bet simultaneously on multiple lines. In such cases, you first get five cards on the starting hand.

The cards you want to keep are duplicated on all lines. If you make an exchange, the new cards are dealt to all hands from separate decks. Winnings are accrued on all the combinations formed.

Video poker for several hands does not give additional advantages. It only speeds up the gameplay.

Pay Tables

The video poker payout table is a list of payout combinations along with the amounts they pay out. All combinations in video poker are based on poker combinations. And, just like in traditional poker, the hand rating determines the amount of money you can win with it. But there are some exceptions in video poker. In some games, a 4th ranked combination with a lower ranking offers a higher payout than a higher ranked hand.

RTP and House Edge

Honest casinos have their share of House Edge returns.

Slot machines with poker, where the player competes in the set of prize combinations with the computer, are also marked by good returns. Experienced players can make House Edge casino no more than 1%, but if their strategy excludes “doubling. If given the chance to double the winnings for the combination, it refers to bets with increased risk. They enthrall the player and are able to zero in on almost every prize combination.

The Jacks Or Better full payout video poker strategy results in a 99% player return (RTP). RTP is defined as the proportion of money won in bets.

Even if the payout percentage (RTP) reaches the 99.95% mark, you can’t count on it making bad decisions.

Easy Steps to Star Play Video Poker

Let’s start playing video poker together. Follow the steps below.

Choose a Machine

When choosing a video poker slot machine randomly, you are risking your bankroll, as it significantly reduces your chances of winning. Choosing the appropriate video poker game is one of the most important things you should master first in order to win more. The first thing to look at is the payout table and payout rating for individual combinations.

Make Your Bet

To begin with, you need to deposit money into the video poker slot. In regular casinos you will need to insert a bill into a special receiver. In the online casino this is done automatically.

On the screen appear 5 cards that can be held. Those cards that have not been retained are replaced by new ones.

If the player’s action was winning, he will be paid. This is how all video poker machines operate, but a footnote should be made to the rules of the casino in which you play. This concerns, first of all, the payout table and the amounts of winnings. So, before you bet, find out as much as possible about payouts by using the rules of your club. More often than not, online establishments pay out 100% on two jacks and higher combinations.

Make your bet

Get the Initial Poker Hand

Once you have made a bet, it remains unchanged throughout the game. After that you press the “Play” button. After that you will have five cards – the initial hand. You think about which cards to keep and which to trade.

Discard Cards Which Aren't Useful

So, after you hit the “deal” button in video poker, you get 5 cards. What’s more, you can select the cards you would like to keep and press the “hold” button. Any cards not selected will be discarded. Similar to Texas poker, there are nine winning combinations in video poker.

Receive Next Cards

Choose the cards you want to play and discard the ones you don’t.

This is the hardest theoretical part of video poker. If you don’t learn how to keep the right cards, and discard the unnecessary ones, you risk leaving yourself practically no chance of winning big money.

Video Poker Variations

Let’s look at variations of video poker games.

Jacks or Better

“Jacks or Better” is one of the most popular video poker variations. Most experts advise beginners to play poker with this particular variant, as it is the most straightforward panel strategy.

This game variant allows getting as deep into the game and understanding the gameplay as a whole.

Jacks or Better is found in two main variants:

  • 8/5 – full house and flush bring eight and five coins each
  • 9/6 – the same combinations bring nine and six chips each

Here you can see the second option is more profitable for the player, so you have to get the variant of the game of video poker Jacks or Better 9/6.

Aces and Eights

Aces and Eights, also known as the dead man’s hand, is a popular video poker machine that was first introduced to the public in the late 1800s.

The game is more or less similar to Jacks or Better, in which you are dealt five cards on the first hand. Keep all the strong cards to get a chance to build up a good and expensive hand during the game.

However, a royal flush is still the most lucrative combination in Aces and Eights.

Aces and Eights is a different strategy than other variations like Jacks or Better because the Aces and Eights slot machine offers higher payouts for the 8, 7 and Aces quads.

High cards in Aces and Eights video poker are jacks or higher (jacks, kings, queens and aces). Low cards are those cards that are weaker than the jack in value. That is, they are cards from 2 to 10.

Deuces Wild

The highlight of this variety is that all twos are jokers. They can complete combinations by replacing missing cards.

The minimum payout is charged for three cards of the same face value. Also four twos, five identical cards and a straight flush collected with jokers are paid at special odds.

Bonus poker

This model has special payout odds for some combinations. The most common is the Bonus Poker 8/5 game. Full house and flush give eight and five coins each. A royal flush also yields an inflated payout.

These features require a special strategy to play Bonus Poker.

Double bonus

Let’s take a look at Double Bonus video poker. This variant is a serious competition to Jacks or Better. It already has higher payouts for square-type combinations and bigger winnings for ace-win square combinations.

The probability theory of this game is almost twice that of Jacks or Better. As a result, the price varies s Double Bonus with a lot of ups and downs.

Due to this strategy, the player can get a return of more than 100%, which shows the advantage of the casino.

Look at the chart below. Find your problem hand and follow these guidelines.

For example, you have Kc-Qc-Jc-Tc-4c. You have a pat flush in this variant, but you also have an open straight flush and a royal flush. A royal flush is more profitable than a pat flush, so you need to drop 4c and pick a straight flush/royal.

  • Royal Flush Draw vs Pat Flush Straight Flush – Hold a straight flush.
  • Draw Royal Flush vs. Pat Flush Draw Royal Flush.
  • 3 Aces vs. Full House Hold 3 Aces.
  • Pat Straight vs. four to Straight Flush – Straight.
  • 2 Pair vs. Pair of Aces – Hold two pairs.
  • 4 to a flush vs. 4 to a straight – Hold four to a flush.
  • Pair (jacks to aces) vs. open 4 to a straight – Need to keep pair
  • Open 4 to straight vs. pair (2 to 10) – Hold a straight
  • Ace/king/queen/jack vs. flush – Hold ace/king/queen/jack.

Things You Should to Avoid Playing Video Poker

Among other things, when playing video poker, you should remember that not only should choose a single strategy that will be the most profitable, but also remember that you don’t have to chase straight/flush and try to retain the kicker.

Play poker

Don't Chase Straight/Flush

When players get a Straight Flush at the same time, they are compared on the cards that close the combination. A Straight Flush to Bolt will be inferior to a Queen combination. In other words, the poker player with the pocket Queen wins the game.

When players get a Straight Flush at the same time, they are compared on the cards that close the combination. A Straight Flush to Bolt will be inferior to a Queen combination. In other words, the poker player with the pocket Queen wins the game.

Straight Flush is not very common in poker, but some lucky poker players make this combination several times during their career. The odds of getting such a strong hand depend on:

  • The format of the game;
  • Round of trades;
  • The number of bidders.

Don't Try to Retain the Kicker

A kicker is a card in the game of poker that is used as a tie-breaker when two or more players enter a showdown with the same hand strength.

Kicker in poker is a card not involved in combinations, this card is needed only to determine the winner in a draw situations. For beginners this aspect is difficult to master and few of them take it into account, so they make a lot of mistakes and end up losing.